Tastes with a story


Only the best for our customers

High-quality food is our passion and we want to offer only the best for our customers.

Our own strong brands are the foundation of our business. We are also actively developing them, according to our customers’ wishes. Many of our brands have been known for decades, e.g. traditionally fermented Myrttinen’s cucumbers, Cretan Memmas Knossos olive oils and Italian-style Pappagallo ice creams that are produced in Finland.

We also represent several international first-class brands in Finland.



Traditional fermented
salted cucumbers.
High in lactic acid bacteria.

Myrttisen kurkut

First-class extra virgin olive oil from Crete.

Soft taste from best olives. Also organic.

Fresh organic juices and soft drinks.
No preservatives or additives,
only genuine taste.

100 % fruit – juices and smoothies.
No added sugar.
No preservatives or additives.

Mehuiza logo

Päivänsäde olives are made of high-class olives in Spain, with our own recipe.

Finland’s first low-salt olive.

Delicious ice creams and sorbets.
Made in Finland, respecting the Italian
ice cream tradition.

Finnish Hango mustard is
known for its excellent taste and high quality.

Lemon juice from sun-ripened Sicilian fruits.

No added sugar.

Fresh ice teas from Italy.
Three irresistible flavours – peach, lemon and green tea.

Jolca’s stuffed olives are known for their delicious taste. Taste and fall in love with the Spanish flavous.

Genuine Italian gelato.

Authentic taste – 70 years of ice cream tradition.

Gazpacho-vegetable soup from Spain.

Full of natural taste.

Delicious snacks from first-class ingredients.
Vacuum packed – fresh taste and long shelf life.

Crazy Chicken

A refreshingly distinctive novelty for freezers. Four pre-cooked frozen chicken products, accompanied by two delicious dipping sauces.

crazy chicken