Arho Foods – Our story


Finnish family-owned company

We are a Finnish family business whose cornerstones are high-quality food and bold renewal. Our roots can be found in the Helsinki Market Square, where we started trading vegetables and berries in the 1990s. Over time, our operations expanded to grocery brands, after acquiring several traditional Finnish brands. We also act as a food importer and distributor in Finland for many well-known brands.

For decades, we have been actively developing our range – both through acquisitions and new product representations. In 2015, we sold our business, but over the years started to miss our high-quality products and valued brands.

In 2021, the circle closed, and we bought Green Taste Ltd back and changed the company name to Arho Foods Ltd. Even the time goes on, our mission remains the same:

We want to offer our customers excellent food experiences.

1940s: Old Mr. Surojegin starts manufacturing traditional salted cucumbers by fermenting in Helsinki

1980s: The Myrttinen brothers acquire Surojegin’s business – the production and the sales expand nationwide

1980s: Memmas Knossos brand is created – importing extra virgin olive oil from Crete begins

1987: Signore Gallo – an Italian gentleman – starts making Pappagallo ice cream and sorbet in his café in Finland, respecting the Italian ice cream tradition

1990s: Finns become acquainted with the Italian Sicilia lemon juices – the juice is warmly welcomed among the home cooks

1990s: Arho Companies’ business starts by wholesaling fresh produce

2000s: The product range expands from fresh produce to groceries

2009: The business of Myrttinens’ cucumbers is acquired

2011: Memmas Knossos olive oil brand is acquired – collaboration with the Cretan producer evolves and extends to new products

2011: Pappagallo ice cream brand is acquired

2012: Green Taste Ltd is acquired – the product range extends to nuts and snack products

2013: Representing Sicilia brand in Finland begins – lemon and lime juices complement our cooking category

2014: EVI International Ltd is acquired – Mehuiza juices and smoothies expand our product range to drinks

2020: Representing Molinera in Finland begins

2021: Representing Sammontana in Finland begins – our ice cream category is replenished with a genuine gelato

2022: Hango Sinappi – a popular Finnish
mustard brand – is acquired

2022: Raikastamo’s business is acquired – organic juices
and sodas complement our range of drinks

2022: Päivänsäde olives’ business is acquired

2022: Representing Jolca olives in Finland begins


Arho Companies – today

Today, we are a strong and growing business operating in the Finnish retail and HoReCa-sector.

Our brands are well-known in the Finnish home kitchens and the restaurants, and we are constantly developing our product range. In addition to our own brands, we are actively searching for interesting new brands to represent in Finland.

We want to surprise, enlighten, and respond to high expectations. With years of experience – looking into the future.


Responsibility –
our way of working

We value responsibility and want to operate sustainably. We are continuously following the ecological trends on the food sector and exploring ways to grow recycling of product packages.