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Arho Foods is a family-owned company with decades of experience from the Finnish retail and HoReCa-sectors. We are specialized in high-quality groceries and on-the-go-products and are extremely proud to represent the outstanding brands of our principals. We are also known for our own long-standing brands – some of them have been manufactured for over 70 years and are market leaders in Finland on their own product categories.

We are constantly seeking new growing or leading brands to represent. For our principals, we offer a wide set of local sales and marketing activities, our experience, and our innovative mindset.

Are you looking for a committed, active, and trustworthy distributor and marketer for your brand? Our team of professionals is at your disposal.


Why choose us?

• We are dynamic and professional – we always have your brand’s best interest in mind

• An efficient go-to-market – we’re easy to work with and deliver what we promise

• We have a proven track record of making brands grow

• We have strong relationships with all the biggest retail chains in Finland

• We offer you key account management, marketing, and sales across Finland


Key account

The retail market in Finland is known for being very centralised. Therefore, gaining a wide coverage is dependent on the decisions of a few. We have a long history of collaborating with the largest retail corporations in Finland, so we are happy to help our principals to enter the market.

With us, you will get the full service from planning to executing. Our team of Key Account Managers will nurture your client relationships and always strive for your brand’s success.


Our services –
marketing and

We understand the market and are familiar with the consumers’ behaviour. We also have the tools and experienced professionals to market and sell your brand effectively. Based on this knowledge, we will build a strong marketing plan for your product as soon as the retail clients have given us a positive listing decision. After that, our team will make sure that the activities are implemented according to plan.

The listing does not necessarily cover all the supermarkets throughout the country. Thus, personal sales will have a great importance in spreading the brand’s coverage wider at a store-level.

When working with us, we will build you a sales strategy to help you reach your targets. Our sales representative services and telemarketing services make sure that the activities are carried out as planned.


shelving and
promotional services

We are also able to help your brand with merchandising and shelving services if required, seasonally or continuously. We are also happy to assist you in promotional services, for example when launching a new product.

Our management:


Sales Manager


Chief buyer